1973 Bathurst Lang Lang test car. Engineering Dept.

Order No M11956.

Internal ordered on 15/5/73.

Received on the 21/9/73.

Rego: LPG 191 (original plates)

The car was used by GMH as a test car it was used in a styling exercise to test the Automatic transmission as well as other engineering purposes, including items that never went into production.

The current owner and the owners before believe this car was used for the purpose of a larger fuel tank/sub tank arrangement, the car has a repair/patch on the boot floor and has had the passenger side rear quarter panel replaced which is believed to be because of the placement a extra filler neck.

Pictures of the car at the Lang Lang speed bowl with the whole range of Holdens that were available at the time. This picture was apart of the 25 years of Holden celebrations. 1948 to 1973.

First owner after GMH had finished with the car was Mike Rowntree, purchased by the internal tender process by his father who worked within GMH. He retained the car for 18 years before selling it to Scott Houlahan in 1992.

Scott then sold the car to Rob Coulson (autopics.com.au) in 1996.

The car was then purchased by its current owner, who in almost 25 years has travelled almost 22,000 kilometres.

The car has done various events in that time, in 2002 it was used in the (Muscle Car Events) XU1’s on the mountain where the car along will 114 other XU1’s followed behind Peter Brocks famous 28c for a unforgettable parade lap before the start of the great race. The car has been to Bathurst in 2004,2012,2015. Doing parade laps of the famous track that the car was built for. Winning awards including (The John Douglas memorial trophy) awarded to the best unrestored car at the event.

The car has never been out of rego, still retaining its original number plates its original engine, its original 73 bathurst M21 (option gearbox, closer ratio’s than standard XU1) its original 3.36 fine spline LSD rear end

A true classic

The GTR-XU1 it’s the enthusiast machine.
First released in 1970 these mighty little cars were designed to take on the might of the falcon GT on race tracks around Australia. These cars with their hot 6 cyl engine, front and rear spoilers and bold colours were a success both in the show room and on the race tracks of Australia. These cars have rich racing history and the constant development and evolution of the models. In 1972 the then 27 year old racing legend Peter Brock drove one of these cars to victory in the Hardie Ferodo 500 at Bathurst, his first of 9 bathurst wins. It put him in the hearts of all Holden fans and cementing the GTR-XU1 as the giant killer. In 1973 holden went all out with the development of their (Bathurst) evolution of the GTR-XU1. These cars were quickly dubbed the HOT 150’s. There was only 150 of them ever built. All the engine numbers are listed in a service bulletin, for the Holden mechanics to service correctly these highly modified racing machines.

Burns and co are proud to offer one of these 150 (bathurst specials) LPG-191.

This fantastic motor car, served as the Lang Lang test mule as the engineering departments development car(Dealer Code 269). It had some amazing development work done. It was even used in the 25 years of Jolden photo at Lang Lang.

The car has been lovingly maintained in its unrestored preserved state for the last 25 years, it hasn’t been laid up. It’s been used sparingly and has travelled almost 22,000 very enjoyable klm’s . It has had some repairs to keep it in turn key condition. The exhaust has been repaired, they are still the original 73 (Bathurst) tubular extractors. The shock absorbers have been changed, the originals are still retained with the car. As is the original black carbon lead set.

When the car was ordered it had the nibless steel wheels, this car now has period style sprintmaster mags, for the purist it has the incorrect date coded cyl head, this is how it is believed to have left the engineering department, but the correct 20F3 date code cyl head can be offered to the lucky new owner as a spare part, as well as 5 self centring 73 bathurst sprintmaster mags. These mags were used for racing purposes for faster pits stops, very rare item. A complete period correct style exhaust system, new never used.

So here it is, The test mule for the 73 bathurst the rarest and fastest evolution of these amazing giant killing cars.
This is a true survivor, this car holds its place in Australian motorsport history.

A note from Greg (Experimental Engineer at Lang Lang in the 1970s):
I was working in experimental engineering at LangLang Proving Ground in the early seventies.
The ride and handling engineer drove down from Fisherman’s Bend in a purple XU1.
During the course of the day I had to change the front shocks or sway bar or both. I remarked to
the engineer that the engine seemed tough and the extractor exhaust was the best that I had seen.
He told me that this car was the Bathurst model.
I did not get to drive the car.
I believe that this is the vehicle Burns & Co have for auction.