Transmission: Manual

Engine Type: 4 Cylinder

VIN/Chassis: 089912HHD12245

Engine Number: DN912861023476

Build Date: 1986

Odometer Reading: 16376 Miles Showing

Rare car in Australia and have a world wide following.

An attractive, sporty British classic

Launched in October 1982, the Excel received two major upgrades during its 10-year production run. With the introduction of the Excel SE in October 1985, the bumpers, wing and interior were changed, including a new dashboard. In October 1986 the Excel SA with an automatic gearbox was introduced.[3] Further facelifts in 1989 saw Citroën CX-derived mirrors, as also featured on the Esprit, and 15 inch OZ alloy wheels to a similar pattern as the Esprit’s.

The body was made from vacuum injected resin and was made in upper and lower halves which were joined together, evident from a piece of black trim around the car. The body was mounted onto a galvanised steel backbone chassis. This manufacturing process gave the car a good level of structural rigidity. The suspension system consisted of a single transverse lower arm coupled with an anti-roll bar and a wishbone above the lower arm at the front while at the rear the wishbone was mounted below the transverse links. Coil springs and dampers were used throughout.[2]

The Excel is also known for its cornering and handling due to 50:50 weight distribution.

The Excel was never formally imported or made available in the USA, but one was imported for evaluation in 1987. According to the importer “In early 1987 we imported one Excel (an SE, LHD, white with a blue half leather interior), on a carnet for evaluation and public review. It was returned to LCL, Hethel 6 months later as required by the carnet and US regulations.”

The decision not to release the model in the USA was due to that country’s stringent emission regulations (which would hinder the car’s performance), and poor sales of the car in Europe.

By 1991, Lotus was planning to replace the Excel with a coupé version of the Elan roadster, but these plans were shelved as a result of falling sales which saw the whole Elan project cancelled and no direct replacement for the Excel when it was discontinued in 1992.

415 are still registered in the United Kingdom as of 2011, but 240 of them are SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)

To protect your investment vehicle bidders should consider at a minimum replacement of fuel, oil, fluids, filters and thorough brake inspection as vehicles may have been stationary for some time. Vehicles are sold as is off the floor – unregistered. No warranty expressed or implied, sold with all or any faults, and where applicable sold with Australian Government Import Approval.