Transmission: Manual 

Engine Type: Supercar V8

VIN/Chassis: CLX047573M

Engine Number: 

Build Date: 1977

Odometer Reading: 

Roadways-Gown-Hindhaugh GMP&A A9x Torana Group C Racecar

This genuine GMP&A A9x Torana racecar was hand built on the line by the Roadways-Gown-Hindhaugh Team. It debuted at the first round that A9x’s were eligible, the Hang Ten 400 at Sandown on 11th September, 1977. It’s Group C Logbook No. V4128 was issued on 9th September, 1977.

This GMP&A racecar was driven predominantly by Garth Wigston and was the main car they campaigned in the 1977, 1978 and 1979 Australian Touring Car Championships and Manufacturers Championships.
Other drivers: Charlie O’Brien, Bruce Hindhaugh, Wayne Negus, Bruce Gowans.

The last event for this car was the Hang Ten 400 on 9th September, 1979. Garth was lapping consistently in sixth and in a good position when Charlie O’brien ploughed into a spun car, was launched in the air and came down against team-mate Wigstons car. This put both of them out and thus the car did not go to Bathurst in 1979.

The old racecar was then purchased by John Higgins around June 1980 from Gown-Hindhaugh Roadways Team. It came with repaired panels, an almost complete race interior, most suspension, the diff and centre, and some wheels. John mildly converted it back to a road car but always maintained the correct L34 drivetrain, drop tank, rollcage and many other race components.
Then as finances allowed, John sourced all the pertinent race parts to bring his car up to as close to race trim as street regs would allow.
The car was road registered from 1981 to 2004.

In May 2000, Mick Cameron (a long term friend of John) purchased the car from John and commenced to fully restore the GMP&A racecar back to it’s original 1977 race specifications. This was performed over a three year period including the approval process for a CAMS Certificate of Description and reams of authenticity documentation.
It is presented in 1977 Hardie Ferodo 1000 livery. It comes with current 5th Category Historic Logbook and Certificate of Description.
For the last 17 years, this car has raced in the Historic Group C & A category. In that time, it has been back to all the major circuits including Bathurst, Phillip Island, Sandown, Oran Park and Winton.

The damaged GMP&A Tag

When John Higgins was picking up the repaired racecar in 1980, there was a dispute with Norm Gown over a $200 levy for the paperwork to race the car in CAMS categories. John replied that he had no intention to race the car but to convert to a horny roadcar, on which Norm went over to the car with a screwdriver and tore the GMP&A tag off the body shell, claiming you won’t need this if your not going to race the car.

Then bent tag was thrown in a rubbish bin.

Approximately 2004, John was moving house and found the original bent tag in the back of his sock draw. No-one had noticed that John recovered the tag out of the bin back in 1980.

John returned the tag to Mick to include in the restoration process.

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