Transmission: Automatic

Engine Type: 307 Chev

VIN/Chassis: HK00250M

Engine Number: 30740622K1024

Build Date: 1968

Odometer Reading: 69597 Miles Showing


This Holden Dealer Team Kingswood is an important part of Holden competition history, being the first Holden V8 to ever win a competition event, in early 1968.
In the first round of the Victorian Championship in 1968 Bob Watson and Jim Mc Auliffe competed in a HR Holden in the George Derrick Memorial Trial. The car finished 1st outright losing 65 points. 2nd placing went to the Holden Dealer Team H. C. Dusting & Co HB Torana of Reg Lunn and Peter Haas losing 66 points and 3rd placing went to Max Jackman and Ian Johnson in an Isuzu Bellett losing 81 points.
On June 1st the Kingswood entered the Akademos Rally finishing 1st outright losing 19 points. 2nd placing went to the S. A. Cheney Pty Ltd HK Holden of Tony Roberts and Mike Osborne losing 24 points and 3rd placing went to R. McInnes and N. Price in a Mini Cooper losing 38 points.
The Kingswood competed in the Rothmans Snowy Rally in Round 2 of the Australian Rally Championship finishing in 7th place after losing 122 points.
The Kingswood competed in the international status BP Rally of South-Eastern Australia on 10th May 1968. Of the 31 crews that started, 23 completed the Rally, with the Kingswood finishing 7th.
The Kingswood competed in the Experts Trail on the 6th and 7th July 1968 where the Kingswood finished 1st outright on 130 ¼ points. 2nd was Brian Amey and Tony Wunderlich in a Peugeot on 149 ¼ points and 3rd placing went to Bruce Wilkinson and Ian Inglis in a Datsun on 195 ¼ points.
On the 3rd and 4th of August 1968 the Kingswood entered the Walkerville 500, the 3rd heat of the Australian Rally Championship. 1st place went to Harry Firth and G. Hoinville in a Lotus Cortina, losing 45 points, 2nd place went to the Holden Dealer Team Preston Motors Kingswood of Bob Watson and Jim Mc Auliffe losing 48 points and 3rd placing went to the Addison Motors Alfa Giulia of S. McLeod and J. Lock losing 54 points.
The Kingswood entered the Blue-Ribbon Rally on the 31st of August in round five of the Victorian Rally Championship. The Kingswood clean sheeted the event to take equal 1st place. The Holden Dealer Team Kingswood of Tony Roberts and Mike Osborne also clean sheeted the event to take equal first place. 3rd place went to the Dent’s BMC Cooper S of Roger Bonhomme and N. Price losing 4 points.
The Kingswood competed in the Rothmans International Rally on the 9th – 13th October 1968 where after 4 stages the car finished 15th A set of 4 stage notes from the Rothman’s International Rally as well as a Programme from the Rally are provided with the car.
A successful 1968 saw the Preston Motors Kingswood of Bob Watson and Jim Mc Auliffe win the Victorian Rally Championship winning 5 events ( 1 in the HR Holden, 4 in the HK Kingswood) and coming second in the 6th. 2nd Place went to the Holden Dealers Team Kingswood of Tony Roberts and Mike Osborne and 3rd placing went to D. Forster and J. Beaumont.


In the Australian Rally Championship of 1968, the Holden Dealer Team Kingswood of Bob Watson finished 4th Outright. The Champion Driver was awarded to Harry Firth, 2nd place was awarded to Frank Kilfoyle, and 3rd place was awarded to John Keran.
After the 1968 Rally Championship the Holden Dealer Team Kingswood was purchased by Charlie Davis. Charlie Davis was a member of the Service Crew for the Holden Dealer Rally Team. Charlie purchased the Kingswood to tow a large caravan around Australia. After travelling around Australia, Charlie and his family eventually settled in Merimbula. After many years the Kingswood was eventually put out to pasture. The Rally Kingswood was eventually purchased by fellow Historic Rally Association member Ray Daniel. The Daniel family owned the Holden Dealer Team Kingswood for many years until it was purchased by Historic rally Association enthusiast Ted Perkins in the late 1990’s. Ted undertook a restoration of the Kingswood in the 1990’s and CAM’s log-booked the Kingswood to compete. One of the highlights for Ted was to enter the Kingswood into the North-Eastern Rally in 1998 where Ted invited Bob Watson to drive. This was a nostalgic event for Bob Watson, having won the same event 40 years prior.
The current owner purchased the Holden Dealer Team Kingswood in 2010 and has been pleased to be its custodian. During the last few years, the owner met Steve Lunn, the son of Reg Lunn the former driver of the Holden Dealer Team HB Torana in 1968. Steve Lunn provided an original Holden Dealer Team Turfor Winch as he felt it should be reunited with the Kingswood. Steve also provided some original Holden Dealer Team maps that the navigators utilised during the 1968 Championship. These are all provided with the Kingswood.
A couple of minor items are required to complete the Kingswood. In 1968 the Kingswood had a HR Holden Fuel tank fitted above the standard HK tank, and when the HK tank was low, a tap was turned to fill the bottom tank from the top tank. Covid -19 restrictions have not allowed a tradesman to visit the premises of the owner to fit the tank and instal an appropriate tap. This will be required to make the car more complete. Recently the front hub, brake rotors and calipers were replaced with standard items and the calipers refurbished. Internally, the 3 gauges in the centre of the car will be required to be hooked up. The Front spotlights are all operational on two separate switches as is the rear light on the back bumper.
The Kingswood also has a CAMS logbook from when it was campaigned in the 1990’s. CAMS Logbooks were not a requirement in 1968 when the car rallied for the Holden Dealer Team.
There is a folder containing receipts from when Ted Perkins restored the Rally Car in the 1990’s as well as registration papers, these will be provided with the car.

When the HK was rallied by Ted Perkins it was fitted with larger 1960’s Volvo Rims.

The front brakes were modified and had much larger Disc Rotors and GM Corvette racing calipers were fitted.

To keep the HK closer to factory specifications, a set of period calipers was sourced. The calipers were fully refurbished and a new set of HK Disc Rotors were fitted.

The brakes are now as fitted by the factory and are fully operational.

Upon inspection of the rear brakes over the last couple of days the following has been identified. Ted Perkins fitted the car with a set of drum brake rear brakes for a drum brake front end HK. This is believed to be intentional as the rear brakes will have a higher bias to those that were factory fitted for a disc brake front end car. When the brakes are applied, there will be a much higher bias to the rear, assisting with locking up the rear end for rallying. The rear wheel cylinders have seized so the rear brakes are inoperative. It is recommended that the purchaser of the HK obtain a set of drum rear brakes for a disc brake front end HK and fit the brakes prior to any form of use and replace the wheel cylinders. The hand brake is inoperative. Although fitted and the cabling placed in the rear drums, the bracket that hold the cable is missing on each side and will need to be sourced.

To protect your investment vehicle bidders should consider at a minimum replacement of fuel, oil, fluids, filters and thorough brake inspection as vehicles may have been stationary for some time. Vehicles are sold as is off the floor – unregistered. No warranty expressed or implied, sold with all or any faults, and where applicable sold with Australian Government Import Approval.