Transmission: Manual

Engine Type: 6 Cylinder

VIN/Chassis: LC192667A

Engine Number: 3100X18117

Build Date: 09/1970

Odometer Reading: 24066 Miles Showing

Kerry Cook purchased this Rally Red LC GTR XU1 from Blanchard Motors in late 1970. Kerry was an apprentice mechanic at Whites BP garage on the corner of Ferntree Gully and Blackburn Rd in Notting Hill, MELBOURNE. Kerry had successfully raced a FJ Holden since the age of 17 and when the new LC GTR XU1 hit the showroom floor, he couldn’t buy one quick enough. When Kerry bought the car the first thing, he did was take out the engine and got Ray English to balance and blueprint the engine.
Kerry purchased the XU1 to race, he never drove it as a road car. When Kerry bought the car Insul Fluf of Dandenong sponsored the car and paid for the signage and Eric Damond, the owner of Whites BP garage paid for the entry fees for the races Kerry entered. The XU1 was also sponsored by HEAD MOD from Doncaster Road Doncaster.
Kerry raced at Hume Weir on 27th December 1970, finishing 3rd behind Marcos Mc Naugh in a Falcon GTHO and Laurie Nelson in a Monaro GTS 350. In the second Series production race of the day Kerry gained another third place behind Mike Gore in a Falcon GTHO and Laurie Nelson again in the Monaro GTS 350. Several days later Kerry raced at Phillip Island on the 3rd of January 1971, where Kerry won in the XU1. Ian Strachan placed second in a Torana XU1 and Brian Reed placed 3rd in a Torana XU1. This was the first time a GTR XU1 won a race in Victoria. Kerry also raced at Calder on the 17th of January 1971 and Sandown on April 4th 1971, where he placed 5th. Kerry stopped racing due to the cost, as it was expensive to go racing on apprentice wages. The car was campaigned against many great drivers of the day including Peter Brock and Alan Moffatt. After Kerry stopped racing, the XU1 was sold to Athol Warman, a fellow he used to knock around with.
The current owner has identified Athol raced the XU1 (painted blue) on the following dates and tracks. Phillip Island 12th June 1975, Philip Island 14th January 1976, Sandown 17th April 1977, and Sandown 9th December 1979. There may be other dates Athol raced that are yet to be identified.
Athol Warman had a lengthy affair with the XU1, owning the car for most of the next 46 years. During the early 1990’s Athol sold the car to Rohan Harman. Rohan owned the car for a couple of years then Athol purchased his XU1 back. Athol used the car sparingly until the XU1 was last registered in June 1997. When the Registration expired in June 1998 the XU1 was placed in Athol’s shed where it remained for the next 20 years.
The XU1 retains its original motor. The block is date coded 1st June 1970. The build date of the GTR XU1 is September 1970, when only 39 LC GTR XU1’s was built making it a series one XU1 (single exhaust pipe as opposed to the later series two that had twin pipes). September 1970 cars are difficult to obtain due to the low production numbers. The XU1 is fitted with a 20F3 head, that is a 1973 Bathurst XU1 head. The original Opel Gearbox was replaced with a later XU1 gearbox as they were a more reliable gearbox. An Opel Gearbox, tail shaft and odometer cable are supplied with the car, so the car is more period correct.
Due to being raced and enduring damage, the driver’s side guard has been replaced with a later XU1 guard and the radiator support panel has also been replaced. These were replaced by Athol Warman after he finished campaigning the XU1. The car was resprayed in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. The engine bay and boot appear to be untouched. The car required very little for a roadworthy when acquired and is currently registered on club plates. These plates are not transferrable. The original plates on the car may be available for purchase if the purchaser is a Victorian.
There are very few original LC GTR XU1 Series production racers left in existence. Only a handful exist as most were thrashed over the years and did not survive. This is a very rare opportunity to own a classic Australian Muscle car that raced against Peter Brock and Alan Moffat. The provenance of the car is unquestionable as the history of the car can be traced back to the original owner.

Original Application for the CAMS log book attached (see photo)

To protect your investment vehicle bidders should consider at a minimum replacement of fuel, oil, fluids, filters and thorough brake inspection as vehicles may have been stationary for some time. Vehicles are sold as is off the floor – unregistered. No warranty expressed or implied, sold with all or any faults, and where applicable sold with Australian Government Import Approval.