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$185,731 inc buyers premium

Genuine one owner vehicle purchased new on 01/05/1975 from Kevin Dennis Motors in Sunshine.
Letter from the Vendor:
This vehicle was purchased new on 1-5-1975. My Father purchased the car from Ken Dennis Motor’s in Sunshine, Victoria and it has been kept in our family until now. My Father had originally ordered a 4 door Monaro 308 manual which was to be built , the colour he chose was a silver or dark gum metal colour if my memory is correct. The reason he ended up with this vehicle is because at the time when he ordered the 4 door Monaro there was a workers strike at the General Motors Holden and the dealer phoned my father to inform him the new car delivery would be behind schedule and there was going to be a price increase when it arrives.
The Dealer asked my Father if he was prepared to wait for the new car including the price increase or would he like to look at the Monaro’s he had in stock at Kevin Dennis Motors Sunshine. I, being his son went with him to the dealer and on the show room floor there was this car and also a Monaro LS which had the 350 engine and a lot of options including auto transmission, air conditioning and course the 350 engine. But low and behold he liked this car which was out of his budget.  In sense I think he made the right choice to purchase the 308GTS. As stated, this car is a genuine one owner car still with the original number plates attached. It also had the original key, airchief radio, some handbooks and warranty cards. As far as I know this car never had stripes on the bonnet and boot. The vehicle has been painted once and the chrome work done over 20 years ago.
My Father passed away not long after he retired and later in his life was diagnosed with the dreaded Parkinson Disease. The car was passed on to me. I have owned the car for over 20 years and in that time it has been driven for less than 500kms. It has been parked in my shed. Any other other questions I will be happy to answer. Hopefully it will go to a good home and be restored to its former glory.
Regards Gerry

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