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Sunday 23rd October 2022

Upcoming Auctions

Why Burns & Co Auctions?

Burns & Co travel nationwide specialise in deceased estates, collection and Museum dispersals with a focus on vintage, antiques and collectables.

We carry out auction preparation, marketing, cataloging, sale day and delivery with over 30 years experience and well resourced. Passionate and professional auctioneers on location or in our Auction Rooms.

Extensive marketing including websites, Facebook, YouTube, database and press. Licenced auctioneers, valuers, second hand dealers, motor vehicle traders and estate agents.

burns & co car auctions


Burns & Co are experienced and qualified in the field of plant and machinery, motor vehicle, antique, collectables and chattel valuations whether it be for insurance, estate planning or financing reasons.

Should you need a valuation on any plant or chattels please don’t hesitate to make contact with Company Principal Ashley Burns who will provide a prompt, cost effective quote.

All valuations are completed professionally, promptly, are in writing and remain confidential.

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The way Burns & Co operate is like one big family and I believe that's why they are so successful. We had 40 odd legendary cars all with low miles and I believe Burns & Co went above and beyond to get the best price for every car. I couldn't recommend Burns & Co highly enough!...

Ezio D'AlbertoEchucha, April 2018

There’s no words that I could find to express exactly how pleased I am. The whole weekend went off so smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ashley and his team to do an auction. It was smooth, and it was fun. I thought I’d keep away from it and it wasn’t a matter of I couldn’t help myself, it was just entertaining to be a part of. His auctioneering is magic, he’s almost hypnotic...

Dr Peter BurgessBathurst, June 2017

Others fell over, it was too overwhelming. To Ashley it was a challenge, within 40 minutes of our first conversation we had the job done. I think he's the best Auctioneer in the country, he commands the stage and takes control of the room. I believe he's the best in the business and his team by far the best in the business, they have exceeded my expectations.

Glen JenningsNewcastle, October 2018

"... Ashley did everything he said he was going to do and more. It was organised like an Army camp. The staff are fantastic, Ashley knows where he’s going, he’s focused, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone.
I didn’t think he could improve on day one and then he did!
He’s just that far from anybody else.

Ron HorsefallCowra, March 2017

His nation-wide ability to advertise my sale items was indeed impressive and created huge interest. Ashley and his Burns and Co staffs experience at knowing what the items were, how well they would sell and indeed how to sell them added immensely to the sale and the dollar outcome. Burns and Co are one of the few auction company's who will go through an absolute mess of memorabilia, parts and other miscellaneous items including cars, clean them, put them into saleable lots, photograph them, detail the description of the item, put them onto the internet Burns and Co site, advertise them everywhere and carry out the auction exceptionally and even sweep and clean up after them. Ashley's demeanor, efficiency and just plain auctioning ability made the two days an absolute joy to experience the sale...

Tony AberlineWest Wyalong, October 2020