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Harry Nau Impressed with Burns & Co

” Would recommend Burns & Co to anyone “

Harry Nau was one of our important vendors for the most recent Classic Car Auction held on the 25th of June. After hearing about Burns & Co on Facebook, he brought in 12 cars and all were UNRESERVED, “I knew it was a well-organised family business”.

With cars coming from Queensland, this job was one that Burns & Co wouldn’t shy away from. Even though Harry was far away “the organisation and setup was great, I knew exactly what was happening and when things were happening as I had Ashley and Anton ringing me to keep me updated”.

In the build-up, Harry was able to see his cars advertised with photos and videos on many different platforms. “Communication and clarity was perfect, they helped me out with the cars by cleaning them and making them look great”.

With a wide range of marketing in our auctions, the cars were seen in the Herald Sun, The Weekly Times, Just Cars and even spoken about on 3AW radio.

With the cars ready to go on auction day, Harry was watching from home to see how his cars would sell on the day. As our Car Auction was underway Harry mentioned the efforts of our auctioneer, “fantastic and passionate for the job, really works for the customer and didn’t give up on the cars”.

As the cars successfully sold, Harry’s favourite moment came around. “I had a Brock Fairmont that was on $13,000 in pre-bidding and stalled on the opening. Ashley persisted in the bidding to continue and as I felt it was the end, a couple of bites came around and slowly the bidding went up. I ended up getting $18,500 even though it had stalled on a $13,000 opening”.

After the auction, Harry felt quite happy with the results. “Even though the market is currently down, this for me was the best place to send all my cars and I am happy with the result. Everyone, all the staff is amazing, I am so impressed with the work, even the office lady rang me for accounts and money while other auction places don’t care”.

“I will be taking future cars there for auctions and told all my friends”.

If you’re thinking of selling your collection or individual pieces call the market leaders today…Ashley Burns 0408 618 294