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Year Identification 

John Furphy, the founder of the Furphy Enterprise, started as a blacksmith and wheelwright in 1864 when he was just 22 years of age.

After finishing his apprenticeship with Hutcheson and Walker, John set out to start his own business which thrived to carry his name for over 150 years.

One of the most collectable items that came from John’s endeavours was the Furphy water tanks. They were manufactured to provide transportation of water on farms, this was a solution that was much needed during a significant drought between 1895 and 1902.  The potential to have a joint unit of a water tank and cart to transport water was revolutionary.

Cast Iron concave ends were designed, and to this day are classic collector’s item.

With over 100 years of manufacturing these tank ends, the iconic designs had some slight changes which help identify the year of production.

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