Engine Type: 500cc

VIN/Chassis: 8V86 (see photo) 

Build Date: 1954

Odometer Reading: 02035 Miles Showing 

The Velocette MSS was introduced in 1935 as the largest and most expensive of the pushrod single range.

The rigid MSS model soldiered on past the war and was eventually discontinued in 1948. Telescopic forks had replaced the girders in late 1947. In 1953 Velocette introduced a swing arm frame and reintroduced the MSS 500 model. Along with the frame, the motor was redesigned with a shorter stroke and an alloy barrel.

The example being auctioned is a mid 1947 example which has been upgraded with the later model frame.

The bike’s early history is unknown. The previous owner, a long time member of the Velocette club, passed away about 10 years previously. During his ownership the bike was rallied extensively and was well known within the club. It has been in dry storage and still in good condition.

This is a bike that was regularly ridden and made reliable by an experienced rider.On an open road it will cruise at 100 km/hr with a vibration free, turbine-like engine note that is reminiscent of the later short stroke Venom models.

Previously on NSW Club Registration (sold unregistered).

No attempt to start.

To protect your investment vehicle bidders should consider at a minimum replacement of fuel, oil, fluids, filters and thorough brake inspection as vehicles may have been stationary for some time. Vehicles are sold as is off the floor – unregistered. No warranty expressed or implied, sold with all or any faults, and where applicable sold with Australian Government Import Approval. OB10