Engine Type: 900cc

Engine Number: Z1E 19110

VIN/Chassis Number: Z1F 22235

Odometer Reading: 14380 Kms Showing

This bike has been in the possession of the same owner for 43 years. This 1973 Kawasaki Z1 900 has been a street bike, a show bike, a performance bike, and has lived a full life. Just as the Bike Gods intended. This Jaffa has been tastefully molested.
The bike has just undergone an 8 month, $9,500+ frame up rebuild. It is like brand new and ready to ride. Everything has been rebuilt, re-chromed, re-powder coated, re-polished, re-spoked and replaced. The wheels have been rebuilt with stainless steel spokes on Akront rims, brand new bearings and seals, brand new Bridgestone tyres and tubes. The Jaffa paint set is brand new from Japan.
The engine capacity is 1090 cc with forged pistons, Mikuni flatslide carbs and Dyna ignition.
If you don’t like balancing a big bike on your tippy toes, then you’re in luck. This bike has been lowered 2” and has adjustable Koni shocks. You will look like a Boss astride this beast.
Some of the awards over the years for this bike include, 1981 Australian Drag Nationals Mod Bike Runner up, 1984 Springnationals Championship Mod Bike Winner, 1985 SADRA Mod Bike of the year, 2000 Adelaide Hot Rod show Top Street Bike, 2000 Z Owners SA Best Z series bike, 2001 Z Owners SA Best Z custom, 2002 Z Owners Australia Silverton Z1 Best Paint.
Included in the sale is a large collection of spare parts, tools and tuning equipment, valued at thousands of dollars.
This is a special and unique bike.
Kawasaki made less than 20,000 1973 Z1’s for the whole world, you can bet that a lot less than that exist today. It is fast becoming the most desirable Kawasaki to own.

Purchased by the current owner in 1979.

Bike was reframed after being crashed by the first owner, hence the August 73 frame. The frame now has bracing front, top and rear.

The engine has increased capacity via MTC sleeves, MTC forged high comp pistons. Capacity is 1090cc. The camshafts are reground .430” lift. Cylinder head is ported, and was rebuilt (by Al’s Motorcycles) prior to its last layup. Head was fitted with APE valve guides and larger Ferrea exhaust stainless valves – APE stainless intake valves, APE valve springs and titanium retainers. Intake rubbers are GPZ1100 bored to match ports. Crank has been trued and welded. APE heavy duty camchain. Exhaust is 4 into 1. Ignition is Dyna electronic, Dyna coils, Dyna rev limiter. Carbs are Mikuni flatslide 38mm. During the recent engine freshen up the bores were honed, Cylinder block metal O rings replaced, new valve springs, guide seals and valve seats done and assembled with Cometic MLS gasket. The original engine build was done by John Hoskins.

The bike was stored for 20 years prior to this recent rebuild.

The wheels are Akront alloy rims, respoked with stainless steel spokes, new bearings and seals. The tyres and tubes are brand new Bridgestone BT46. Wheels assembled by GC Motorcycles.
The bike has been lowered 2”, front forks top cut 2” and re machined. Rear shocks are Koni adjustable 2” shorter than stock. Mirrors are shorter, handlebars narrower, indicators narrower. It has a custom Nissin 4 piston caliper front disc.

The original speedo had 38,xxx kms when the unit broke, this unit was fitted at 14,xxx kms.

This Jaffa has undergone a 8 month frame up rebuild costing over $9,500.

There is a large collection of spare parts, tools and tuning equipment valued at thousands of dollars that are included with the bike.

Z1 Tank (with cap)/ sidecovers/ ducktail in red paint.
Z1 ducktail (in primer).
Z1 rear mudguard (fibreglass/primer).
Z1 seat (recovered in suede but base/fittings original).
2 x swingarms (Z1 rusty, brace removed/ alloy swingarm).
Z1 Sidestand (chromed).
Z1 Front brake caliper (chromed).
Cam cover (chromed but has crack).
Shim set and Kawasaki shim tool (sizes from .200 to .320) Shim value over $750.
Jet kit (assorted sizes).
Z1 plastic chain guard (cut off end).
Bag of assorted front and rear foot pegs/brackets.
’73 original 28mm carbs (original rubbers & clamps) These carbs are selling at $1000+ online.
‘73 original rear shocks (top caps have been removed).
Z1 cams (reground to .400” lift).
2 x rear drive chains.
Ignition coils (original but cut leads).
’73 points ignition and ’73 advancer unit.
2 x LH dynamo covers (one has dent in bottom).
Sprocket engine cover (drilled).
Points cover (finned, flaking chrome).
2 x mirrors (original style with screw in rear/ one has crack in plastic).
Numerous clutch plates (steel and fibre).
Box of speedo/tacho parts (chrome covers).
2 x sets valve springs.
Assorted rubbers and O rings.
Large box of nuts/bolts/washers (stock & aftermarket).
Bag of chrome spokes.
’73 original exhaust header clamps & steel inserts.
Set of Kawasaki rear drive rubbers.
2 x sets of clutch springs (standard & heavy duty).
Brake lines (assorted fittings).
73 handlebar levers.
73 8mm rear chain adjusters.
73 tank cap.
Z1 Fork legs (chromed) springs/internals/clamps.
Chain sprocket cover (internal, cracked).
Triple tree (chromed).
Assorted cables.
Handlebars (anodized alloy).
73 handlebar control units (chromed/stamped ‘3’).
Rear brake brace (chromed/ drilled/ stamped ‘3’).
Z1 Front brake master cylinder (5/8”).
Assorted gaskets.
’73 Original air box stay.
Original Kawasaki 900 workshop manual – Kawasaki valve spring compressor tool.

To protect your investment vehicle bidders should consider at a minimum replacement of fuel, oil, fluids, filters and thorough brake inspection as vehicles may have been stationary for some time. Vehicles are sold as is off the floor – unregistered. No warranty expressed or implied, sold with all or any faults, and where applicable sold with Australian Government Import Approval. B01